Carpenter Bee Traps 2021

Different Kinds of Carpenter Bees Traps

Last Updated on October 28, 2021 by Bees N Things

There are a lot of people who want to know, do carpenter bee traps work? The answer in short is yes. They happen to work quite well and can be used to remove carpenter bees safely from locations such as over doorways, eaves, windows, and siding. Carpenter bees rarely attack humans and are relatively harmless insects.

Carpenter bee traps are designed to catch the bees and keep them away from areas where they are not welcomed. Rarely will a carpenter bee bite because the female bees have stingers and they are not aggressive toward people by nature. They love wooden structures and framework where they drill holes and make their nest.

To learn more about carpenter bee traps, the different kinds of traps, do they work, keep reading this guide as we will lay out the best ones and where to buy them.

Do Carpenter Bee Traps Work?

Carpenter bee traps are made to keep these burrowing insects from causing structural damage to your home as well as prevent rot and drafts. The best carpenter bee design comes in two types: confusing tunnel traps and sticky traps where the adhesive is used, trapping the bees. Most who have used them agree, they do in fact, work well.

Bee Collector vs Sticky Traps

Many homeowners also wonder when to put out carpenter bee traps. It’s a good idea to keep them out until the end of fall because they are attracted to the scent of dead carpenter bees.

Below are two primary carpenter bee traps for sale:

Bee Collector Traps

Carpenter bee collection trapCarpenter bee collector traps are made to imitate the looks of a birdhouse construct from a basic block of wood. The entrance hole is made to look just like a bird hole where carpenter bees enter and get twisted and winded down different tunnels and eventually land in glass or plastic jars at the bottom of the collector trap.

The carpenter bees become trapped in the jar where they will die and release pheromones. These scents attract more bees, making them very effective.

Sticky Traps

Carpenter Bee Traps from BeesNThingsUnlike collector bee traps, sticky traps utilize baits, attractants, multidimensional patterns, and fluorescent colors to draw carpenter bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and other winged insects to an adhesive strip, sticking them and causing them to die. Kindly note, don’t touch the adhesive strip due to making it ineffective and being sticky.

Much in the same fashion as the carpenter bees that release pheromones drawing in more bees, adding more protection for your home. However, they are not reusable; therefore, they need to be replaced or when the adhesive becomes full of debris and bugs. With that said, painter bees collectors are the best choice for carpenter bee traps.

Where to Buy the Best Carpenter Bee Traps for Sale?

While there are many places to buy carpenter bee traps like home centers and big box stores as well as local hardware stores, they may not always have the right carpenter bee traps or be out of stock of the most popular types. Therefore, buying them online is a better option for most people looking for the best carpenter bee traps.

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