How Do Carpenter Bee Traps Work?

Carpenter bees are similar to bumblebees, making them hard to identify. Therefore, these little insects continue to cause damage to furniture, roofs, and framing of your house with most of the damage going unseen. However, it could be too late when you discover the holes and it may have already caused significant damage to your house. 

We understand how alarming these damages can be and how important it is for you to protect your dream house. Therefore, BeesNThings offer carpenter bee traps for homeowners that look exactly the same as the original nest that these bees usually make. When they fly inside the trap, you can catch and eliminate them. 

What is a Carpenter Bee Trap by BeesNThings?

Once you have a carpenter bee infestation in your home, it gets pretty difficult to remove them because these bees act aggressively if you get near their nest. Although they don’t bite due to not having any stingers, still the damages caused by them are irreparable. 

 To Make Nests

Usually, the carpenter bees fly out in search of woods to start making holes and creating a nest for themselves. Using this distinct opportunity, we have designed carpenter bee traps for homeowners to attract bees instantly. The common versions of carpenter bee traps look pretty similar in size and shape to a birdhouse. 

 The Base of the Trap

The trap’s base is created using softwood as these bees prefer softwood more than hardwood. The base also has holes drilled upwards. Meaning, the light doesn’t reach far into these holes which is crucial. The top of the carpenter bee trap is made of durable plastic and can withstand UV rays up to a certain extent. 

Since these bee traps are shaped like houses and have a roof, it makes the trap appropriate for hanging them in desired locations. The trap’s design is straightforward but it could be a brilliant approach if used correctly. You can easily trap carpenter bees without facing any hassle when you purchase one from us. 

Why Should You Use a Carpenter Bee Trap?

The damage caused to a home by carpenter bee infestation is huge. As they start making holes in wooden structures it weakens the structural wood of the house and leaves stains on the entire surface of the building. Moreover, it could lead to an expensive house repair if the infestation isn’t treated timely. 

 Damages Caused by Carpenter Bees

There are several different damages that are caused by carpenter bees. One of the most common is holes in your framing members that support your house or outdoor structures such as utility sheds, chicken coops, picnic tables, patio furniture, and other wooden components.

Additionally, carpenter bees can also wreak havoc on your lawn decorations, tree stumps, trees, wooden decks, stair components, and more. The can create expensive replacements and repairs if untreated for too long, The best thing you can do when you are under attack by carpenter bees destroying your wooden things is trapping them.

This is why carpenter bee traps by BeesNThings should be used as we provide effective bee traps by employing brilliant yet simple design principles. The traps we offer feature distinct benefits for home and business owners. 

The following are a few reasons to use a professionally designed carpenter bee trap: 

  • Attract all types of bees easily and instantly with a wide range of bee traps for sale at BeesNThings.
  • Our bee traps are available with glass mason jars and work very well when placed and used properly.
  • Since the trap is made of high-quality and durable cedar wood, it can handle harsh climate conditions. 

There are many benefits to using the carpenter bee traps available at BessNThings. We offer the best prices and service to your door, simply read a little bit more about us and our products and choose the carpenter bee trap that best fits your wallet and needs for effective carpenter bee removal.

 Does Carpenter Bee Trap Require Bait?

Carpenter bee traps never require bait as the hole is designed in a way that attracts more bees. It becomes easier to trap carpenter bees using these traps as they don’t usually search for food. Rather, they prefer making their nest by drilling holes into the woods. 

When one bee gets trapped inside the trap hole, homeowners are expected to see a lot more. It’s because the dead bees start to release a pheromone which is deemed highly attractive to other bees. Therefore, the more dead carpenter bees are trapped inside the hole, the more effective the trap will be. 

Where Can I Get a Carpenter Bee Trap Today? 

If you’re unable to select the carpenter bee trap you need, we highly recommend calling or emailing our professionals to help you out. Having years of experience in this field, our experts are always standing by. To know more about our carpenter bee traps and how to place them for maximum effect, contact us today.