Male vs Female Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are infamous for drilling wood and causing immense damage to our properties. Each year during the springtime, carpenter bees come out from their hibernation, looking for a mate. Once the female and male bee mates together and immediately after that, the female starts to build a nest to lay her eggs.

Generally, the female bees cause immense and irreparable damage to the property as they build nests by drilling wood while the males are usually harmless. Therefore, for homeowners, it’s important to know which bees to remove once the infestation occurs. However, this is a challenging task for most people as both are quite identical.

Here at BeesNThings, we understand how carpenter bees can ruin your beautiful house and structures by drilling the wood, so we are a carpenter bees solutions company, providing the best traps for removing bee infestation. We have come up with a unique carpenter bee removal solution to instantly remove bees by trapping them strategically. 

Some Common Differences Between Female & Male Bee

A lot of people are doubtful when it comes to identifying a male and female carpenter bee but it’s important if the infestation has taken place inside your property. A carpenter bee infestation can cause the average homeowner several problems from weakened support walls to key framing members.

Once the drilling occurs, tunnels and separate nests are also drilled, making the wood appear as though it just has a few holes from bees but that is not the case at all. In fact, many feet of drilled tunnels can exist inside a piece of wood the female carpenter bee feels will make a good place to lay her eggs.

Here are some of the common differences discussed below between a female and male carpenter bee:


You can easily spot a male bee by looking at its behavior. For example, if the carpenter bee is friendly towards you like it chases you, follows you around, or comes to visit you, then it’s certainly a male bee. Male carpenter bees are usually territorial but they are pretty harmless as they can’t sting but they still make the average person nervous.

The females are often found drilling holes in the wood, especially soft wood like rotten wood, dying branches of a tree, or a tree trunk. Therefore, females always remain busy building their nests as they have to lay eggs in those safe places. Further, by their behavior, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a male and a female. 

Physical Characteristics

There are a few physical characteristics by which you can identify a female and male carpenter bee. Generally, carpenter bees are of various types but when it comes to xylocopa virginica or eastern carpenter bee type, females will have a black face while the males have white. 

However, there’s another type of carpenter bee such as xylocopa varipunctata. With this type of bee, the female carpenter bees are entirely black whereas the males are found to be golden-orange in color with more hairy legs. Once you study a few pictures of them, you can start to see the differences when you are trying to identify them.

Males Are Smaller

Although it can be pretty hard to identify a female or male carpenter bee by looking at their size while they are active, still male bees usually appear smaller than female carpenter bees. You have to look pretty carefully to distinguish this quality. Typically, the female size is about 44mm whereas the male is about 40mm. 

Since the difference is only a few millimeters, it’s not easily visible to the naked eye. Regardless of the differences, female bees can be highly dangerous if not removed at an early stage. Therefore, here at BeesNThings, we offer a complete bee removal solution to save your property from bee infestation. 

How Can We Help?

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