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Things You Should Know About Carpenter Bees

Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by Bees N Things

People living in wooden cottages or houses full of woodwork should be careful of the carpenter bees. While carpenter bee traps can be used for temporary relief, this shouldn’t be used as a permanent fix for these bees. Primarily spotted during spring, these bees target unpainted wooden surfaces to drill and make holes to lay eggs.

carpenter bee damage woodAlso, getting rid of carpenter bees isn’t an easy task. Anyone trying to remove them without any safety gear should be careful as the female carpenter bee can use a stinger to protect itself, causing harm to the person. However, there are professional carpenter bee solutions available that are offered by experts.

Professionals come equipped with the necessary gear and possess the required knowledge to deal with this. While carpenter bee traps for sale can be purchased for some relief, calling a professional is the best choice. Read on to learn more about carpenter bees.

What Are Carpenter Bees?

In terms of appearance, carpenter bees look similar to bumblebees from a distance but the only difference between the two is that a carpenter bee has a bare shiny back, while the bumblebee’s back is hairy. Moreover, a carpenter bee is a big solitary bee that can drill round holes using its jaw within a few hours.

Carpenter Bee Traps from BeesNThingsIf professional carpenter bee solutions are not leveraged, they might damage the wooden surface of most objects. Nevertheless, when these bees drill their way to deep holes, coarse sawdust can be seen getting accumulated in and around the area. This sawdust can be a great way to identify the locations of the drilled holes for a quick fix.

To get rid of these carpenter bees, there are carpenter bee traps for sale available but it will offer a temporary solution only if the traps aren’t installed properly. Therefore, it’s best to leave the task to a professional carpenter bee service provider who has the knowledge and equipment to deal with these bees.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees?

Since existing carpenter bee holes attract more bees, they should be identified at the earliest, treated, and plugged. If the bees have already laid eggs in the drilled holes, it becomes essential to clean the holes before filling them. Hence, hiring carpenter bee solutions that provide thorough cleanup and sealing service becomes essential.

The ways to get rid of carpenter bees are:

  • To get rid of the carpenter bees, the best carpenter bee trap design can be installed on unpainted or bare wooden surfaces to keep it safe from the bees.
  • Use the citrus spray to protect the wood.
  • People can paint the wooden surface to prevent the bees from infesting it.
  • There are insecticidal dust and powders available that help to remove these carpenter bee infestations.

However, all this will be considered a temporary solution. Property owners who want their wooden things to remain as good as new should take the help of professionals for long-lasting results.

Finding the Best Carpenter Bee Solutions

BeesNThings is one of the trusted names that offer result-centric services. We also have carpenter bee traps for sale where you can purchase carpenter bee traps homemade from our official website. Besides cleaning and sealing, we also apply special paint on wooden surfaces that makes the surface less vulnerable to bee attacks.

If you’re wondering, “how many carpenter bee traps do I need?” It can best be answered by a professional after a thorough checkup. In addition, the professionals working in our team will also tell you how, where, and when to put out carpenter bee traps for best results. For excellent and long-lasting work, contact us at the earliest.