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Where Can I Find Carpenter Bee Traps for Sale?

Last Updated on July 9, 2021 by Bees N Things

Contrary to popular belief, carpenter bees don’t eat wood. However, they can still do a lot of damage to a wood structure, so getting them out is imperative.

Many people don’t want to kill carpenter bees because they are excellent pollinators. If you are one of these people, you are probably wondering how you can trap and remove them instead. Do carpenter bee traps work? All kinds of carpenter bee traps are available for sale at various retailers. However, there are essential things you should consider when purchasing a trap.

If you are interested in carpenter bees and how to trap them, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for more information.

Are Carpenter Bees Harmful?

bee damageWhere there is warm weather, there are all kinds of bees, including carpenter bees. Unlike their furry relative, the bumblebee, carpenter bees are not social animals. They make singular nests inside wood by boring holes and tunnels.

Female carpenter bees can sting, but they are unlikely to without severe provocation. Males don’t have a stinger and are essentially just a nuisance. However, carpenter bee nests can increase dramatically over time and cause severe damage to a home.

How to Lure Carpenter Bees to a Trap

One of the biggest questions around carpenter bee traps is how to get the bees in them. Many people suggest putting bait in the trap to attract carpenter bees, but it isn’t always needed. Carpenter bees will naturally seek out a trap when looking for a new nest.

Carpenter bee trap solution involves trapping the adult bees so that they can’t reproduce. This needs to be done during the spring when bees are most active and looking for new places to live. Old carpenter bee holes must be plugged to prevent carpenter bees from building a nest in an existing hole.

What to Look for in a Carpenter Bee Trap

bee controlCarpenter bee traps must be attractive to bees on the lookout for new homes. They must be wood and bee-sized existing holes that make the trap seem inviting. To get the best results, carpenter bee traps should be built to deter other types of bees from making a nest.

Where to Find Carpenter Bee Traps for Sale?

Several retailers have carpenter bee traps for sale.

These include:

  • Carpenter Bee Traps Walmart: Walmart may have carpenter bee traps for sale, but they don’t always have every necessity for getting rid of them.
  • Carpenter Bee Traps Tractor Supply: Tractor Supply is an excellent place to get various farm-related equipment, but they don’t offer the same comprehensive carpenter bee removal equipment as specialized merchants.
  • Carpenter Bee Traps Lowe’s: The Lowe’s garden center likely has suitable carpenter bee traps during the busy spring season.
  • Carpenter Bee Traps Home Depot: Similar to Lowe’s, the garden center at Home Depot has many useful gardening tools and consumer bee traps.
  • Carpenter Bee Traps Amazon: Amazon sells a wide variety of goods, including carpenter bee traps. Unfortunately, it is hard to know the quality of the product you’re getting.
  • Carpenter Bee Traps Ace Hardware: AceHardware has viable options for bee traps, but it isn’t their specialty. Buying bee traps from BeesNThings ensures you get what you need. offers tools for trapping carpenter bees and preventing infestation in the future. Buying bee traps from BeesNThings ensures you get what you need.

Restore Your Wood Structure: Trapping Carpenter Bees

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