A Homeowners Guide to Different Types of Bees

Spring not only brings beautiful blooming flowers and warmer weather but also it comes with increased bee activities. Therefore, a homeowner’s full-time job requires patience, care, and attention to upkeep their property and prevent any bee infestation. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of damage to any wooden structures as the bees start to construct their nests. 

To prevent a bee infestation, it’s important for a homeowner to understand the type of bees and the level of damage they cause. There are a range of bee types you will notice all over the world including the carpenter bee, bumble bee, hornet, yellow jacket, and mason bee. Among them, carpenter bees are deemed the most notorious. 

The damages caused by carpenter bee infestation are irreparable, causing you to spend a hefty amount of money to replace your wooden structures, furniture, and other valuables. If you’re thinking about how to remove carpenter bees on your property that has a bee infestation, keep reading. 

5 Things You Should Know About Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are known as the most effective wood drillers. Typically, they live in a unit of a single female and a single male. You can find their nests in untreated wooden surfaces, roofing, exterior paneling, basement, and siding of your homes. The female carpenter bees drill into these wooden structures to create a nest. 

While the females construct their nests as well as lay eggs, the male bees are responsible for protecting the nest. Therefore, when you have a carpenter bee infestation, it gets pretty challenging when it comes to removing carpenter bees. Still, knowing a few things about them can help you get past such challenges. 

More importantly is the structural damage that carpenter bees cause to wooden framing members. If untreated, the holes they drill and tunnels they make can cause the integrity of the wood to weaken and eventually it will loose it’s support. This can cause load bearing walls to loose their integrity and make walls and roofs collapse.

The things you should know about carpenter bees include:

  • Carpenter bees ideally prefer hardwoods like redwood, cedar, cypress, and pressure-treated woods. They love any type of woods that has a nice earthy fragrance and provides a nice home. You can help deter them by staining and sealing your wooden structures and exposed lumber but it’s not guaranteed.
  • Generally, with most carpenter bee infestations you will notice in the spring their activity begins to increase at that particular time. This is a good time of the year to conduct an inspection of your wooden framing and look for sign of carpenter bee holes.
  • The holes they bore can be as deep as several inches, causing complete damage to any wooden structures. The reasons why they do this are to create safe tunnels with nest to lay eggs. They tend to drill in dep sometimes and more than meets the eye. If you ripped a section of lumber in half you’d be amazed.
  • You can prevent carpenter bees from boring holes by painting the wooden surfaces as it makes them unable to recognize the material as wood. A good oil based paint will typically work the best as it has oils inside the paint that the bees don’t like.
  • Carpenter bee infestation can be extremely dangerous causing structural damage to your house and leading to more expenses. On average, if a carpenter bee infestation has destroyed your framing work, replacing a support beam and adding back in new lumber can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Nevertheless, you can opt for carpenter bee traps available online and place them in proper locations to remove the infestation but this should be done as early as possible. 

How Can I Get My Carpenter Bee Traps Online?

When it comes to removing carpenter bees, only carpenter bee traps can be an effective way out. However, these traps must be made of high-quality material so that the bees get trapped properly and you get the desired result. This is why BeesNThings offers a wide range of carpenter bee traps online.

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