• Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

    The world has thousands of insects but few are as intriguing as carpenter bees. These fascinating insects look like bumblebees and are known for their woodworking prowess. While carpenter bees are crucial parts of our ecosystems, their nesting habits can create havoc for property owners and cause lots of destruction.

  • The Beginning and End of Carpenter Bee Season

    Carpenter bees are one of the common types of pests found throughout the United States with a pretty impressive range. Depending on the types of carpenter bees, they have different types of seasonal active periods.
  • How to Keep Bees Away From Your Pool

    Carpenter bees usually don’t sting but they tend boring woods to build their nests. As a result, you can see a lot of damage to your wooden furniture, especially if they are made of softwood. However, if you have a long backyard and a swimming pool, it creates an inviting ambiance for these bees. 
  • What Type of Wood Do Carpenter Bees Prefer?

    Although carpenter bees aren’t considered dangerous because they don’t sting, they are highly notorious for damaging wooden furniture and structures. During the springtime, the female carpenter bees start searching for wooden structures where they can build a nest to lay eggs. Once these eggs are hatched, typically they fly away.
  • A Homeowners Guide to Different Types of Bees

    To prevent a bee infestation, it’s important for a homeowner to understand the type of bees and the level of damage they cause.
  • How Many Carpenter Bee Traps Do I Need?

    Carpenter bees are notorious for drilling deep holes in wooden objects and homes, causing extensive damage that can literally destroy your wooden structures. If you don’t take the necessary steps to catch and relocate carpenter bees now, you may be left with lots of damaged wood that requires a massive amount of repair work.

  • What Brings Carpenter Bees to Your Yard?

    A lot of times homeowners fail to notice the presence of carpenter bees in their yards unless the damage becomes massive. These bees are extremely skilled at flying without getting noticed. In fact, they have some natural camouflage. Due to this fact, people often think of them as bumble bees that cause no damage at all. 

    Initially, the damage caused by carpenter bees infestation doesn’t seem much. However, if it continues for years, it can lead to water damage, structural damage, and stains on the wood. Therefore, treatment for bee infestation is a must. Professional carpenter bee solutions can help you instantly eliminate these bees. 

    There are a lot of people who want to know, do carpenter bee traps work? The answer in short is yes. They happen to work quite well and can be used to remove carpenter bees safely from locations such as over doorways, eaves, windows, and siding. Carpenter bees rarely attack humans and are relatively harmless insects.

    People living in wooden cottages or houses full of woodwork should be careful of the carpenter bees. While carpenter bee traps can be used for temporary relief, this shouldn’t be used as a permanent fix for these bees. Primarily spotted during spring, these bees target unpainted wooden surfaces to drill and make holes to lay eggs.

    Carpenter bees are huge problems to a lot of homeowners, yet the presence of these bees often goes neglected by people until the damage to the wood structures becomes noticeable. They are unique creatures discerned by a set of specific behavioral patterns. By studying the patterns, the damage to the structure of a house can be prevented.