Carpenter bees or also known as wood bees reappear each spring to begin the drilling work on any wooden structures. They’re meticulous, precise, and highly efficient in drilling perfect holes of around ½ inch in diameter. If you have these holes in your furniture, then it’s the most obvious sign that you have a carpenter bee infestation. 

Initially, the damage caused by carpenter bees infestation doesn’t seem much. However, if it continues for years, it can lead to water damage, structural damage, and stains on the wood. Therefore, treatment for bee infestation is a must. Professional carpenter bee solutions can help you instantly eliminate these bees.

To know more about how professionals work by using wood bee traps, keep on reading, and we will discover everything you need to know about the damage a carpenter bee can cause. 

What Are Wood Bee Traps?

Wood bee traps are an effective solution to get rid of carpenter bee infestation by employing intelligent design principles. Generally, the habits of carpenter bees are much different than those of honey bees or bumble bees. Understanding how these habits make the trap work to remove the infestation really does help the average homeowner.

  • Construction: The base of these carpenter bee traps is made of composite plywood that’s typically soft so that it attracts the bees. It’s because carpenter bees always look for a smooth surface of the wood to make their shelter. The drilled holes of the trap are pre-set and similar to the holes that the carpenter bee makes.
  • Purposes: Bees are definitely bus little creatures as their main purpose for digging and drilling out holes and tunnels in your wood structures and framing members is to make a place to live when they are not out collecting pollen and doing things that bees do. While their purposes are valid, there are many other things they can use besides your house.
  • Features: The significant feature of these wood bee traps is that the holes’ angled property cuts the light source off for the bees whenever they enter the trap’s chamber. Therefore, you can capture all of these carpenter bees without doing much work, just let the trap do its job. 

Carpenter bee traps by BeesNThings are the most economical and safest way to get rid of your bee infestations and are easy to empty or dispose of when done.

Reasons to Use Professional Carpenter Bee Solutions

Carpenter bees infestation can be damaging. Initially, you may not notice any signs of the infestation, but as time goes on, the damages look more prominent and it’ll be more challenging to find wood bee solutions at that time. In many cases, if left unattended, they can create a massive infrastructure in your wood and cause significant damage.

Below are the reasons to use professional carpenter bee solutions

  • As the wood supports your house, it’s a critical structural component that may lead to damage to your property if ignored for a long period. This can cause weaknesses in your framing and make sections of your house unsafe.
  • Since carpenter bees drill into all the wooden furniture, they ruin the entire finish of it and make it extremely difficult and expensive to repair again. However, buying carpenter bee traps can save you from such unnecessary expenses.
  • Often, carpenter bees infestation leads to water damage as they build their houses in exposed areas. Water damage can be extremely costly to repair. If ignored, it can leave your home vulnerable to stains. 

These are a few reasons to consider getting professional wood bee solutions as soon as possible to avoid such expensive repair work in the future. 

Here’s Your Best Carpenter Bee Solutions

Although you may find a lot of bee traps online, buying the best bee traps online is something that takes research. If you’re looking for professional solutions for removing carpenter bees from your house, BeesNThings is your best choice as we only sell the best and most affordable traps online and can ship them right to your door. 

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