How to Keep Bees Away From Your Pool

Summertime means lots of pool parties, flowers, barbeques, and an endless number of bees. Yes, bees are the uninvited guests that can quickly crash your party and if they are carpenter bees, it means you will notice severe damage to your property as well. Therefore, pool owners look for bee traps for pools to prevent this infestation. 

Carpenter bees usually don’t sting but they tend boring woods to build their nests. As a result, you can see a lot of damage to your wooden furniture, especially if they are made of softwood. However, if you have a long backyard and a swimming pool, it creates an inviting ambiance for these bees. 

Let's keep reading to discover the ways of removing carpenter bees without any struggle and discuss harmless methods to get rid of a carpenter bee infestation.  

What Brings Carpenter Bees to Your Yard?

Bees may seem uninvited but there are a lot of things you may have in your yard that indirectly invites these stinging pests. These include open drinks, uncovered foods, flowery fragrances, bright colors, and more. Many people find them to be super annoying while trying to cool off and relax but you can catch these pesky critters.

Although there are ways for removing carpenter bees, it’s important to know what brings carpenter bees to your yard. Once you understand what attracts them, it can help you to keep them away and from buzzing around your head, drinks, food, and swimming pool.

Here are a few things that indirectly invite carpenter bees:

Uncovered Food & Drink

Bees in Drink CupSticky uncovered beverages like soda cans instantly increase the chances of getting a bee infestation. According to our professionals who provide the best bee catcher for sale, it’s essential to cover foods with a lid or container to prevent these stealthy invaders from coming around. 

Bright Colors

Bright-colored swimsuits, clothing, and towels always increase the chances of bee infestations as it looks like a meal to these pests. While carpenter bees never feed on humans, these bright colors quickly attract them and confuse them. So, if you have a long yard and a swimming pool, try to avoid bright colors, especially in the summer. 

Flowery Fragrances

Flowers always send invitations to the bees due to their sweet nectar. Since bees are pretty much attracted to sugar as well as floral perfume, if you have flowery fragrances in your yard, bees will certainly visit. Therefore, to avoid a bee infestation, it would be best to deter from flowery fragrances. 

3 Proven Ways to Keep Bees Away From Your Pool

The best thing to do for removing bees is to get rid of all the elements that attract bees in the first place and replace everything with bee-repelling elements. Having this information can help you conduct an inspection of your yard, so take some notes from this blog and go see what you can do to make a difference.

If you are still wondering how to keep these bees away from your pool, here are three proven ways:

  1. Remove Any Bee-Friendly Plants

If you plant a lot of bee-friendly trees next to your spas and pools, it naturally attracts pests. The alluring colors and smells directly invite the bees to enter the swimming area. This is why you should replace bee-friendly plants with bee-repelling plants to avoid an infestation. 

  1. You Can Create a Water Flow

Generally, bees aren’t efficient swimmers. As a result, moving water seems like a threat to them. Also, when you create a water flow inside your pool, it naturally keeps the bees away. You will barely notice any bees in your pool when the water is moving. 

  1. Spray Some Essential Oils

If you don’t want any bee-repelling plants to grow inside your yard or near your pool, you can use essential oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil, etc. These essential oils are perfect for guarding against any unwanted insects. 

Above are three proven ways to get rid of carpenter bees in your pool. Apart from that, if you already have an infestation, there are carpenter bee traps for sale online, that can be used for removing these bees. 

Where Can I Get the Best Bee Catcher for Sale?

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