Carpenter bees are huge problems to a lot of homeowners, yet the presence of these bees often goes neglected by people until the damage to the wood structures becomes noticeable. They are unique creatures discerned by a set of specific behavioral patterns. By studying the patterns, the damage to the structure of a house can be prevented.

Since the pollen and nectar in the flowering plants lure the bees, an abundance of flowering plants may increase the number of bees. Carpenter bees prefer building their homes in wooden structures, especially the untreated woods free of paints. Hence, the more wooden structures one has, the higher the chances of carpenter bee infestation.

The infestation should be handled as early as possible to prevent structural damage to the house, but do carpenter bee traps work? Keep on reading to uncover the solutions to prevent a carpenter bee from attacking the house.


carpenter bee closeupCarpenter bees are the species in the Xylocopa genus of the xylocopinae subfamily. This genus includes more than 500 bees in multiple subfamilies. The term is derived from their nesting behavior. Nonetheless, these bees are big black that looks similar to the bumblebees, but they have a shiny and bareback while bumblebees have a hairy back.

Since they look similar to the bumblebees, it becomes difficult for homeowners to discern them from the bumblebees. As a result, the damage continues until it’s significant enough for people to notice. They happily attack the untreated hardwoods such as redwood, cypress, and cedar while leaving some signs behind.

The specific signs include a course of sawdust, a lot of holes in the woods, buzzing sound in the attic, and other areas. There is a professional carpenter bee trap available along with other remedies that can help destroy the bee’s infestation.


There is a range of carpenter bee solutions available by professional pest controllers. Although, a carpenter bee trap seems to be the convenient option as it destroys the infestation without harming the bees. Yet, this should be laid by the professionals to avoid any injuries.

The best carpenter bee solutions entail:
Carpenter Bee Trap BeesNthings

  • Spray Fipro Foaming Aerosol: It contains a chemical ingredient named Fipronil that’s lethal to these bees. The foam ensures that it reaches deep into the bee galleries and destroys them along with the eggs, hiding inside.
  • Seal the Wooden Holes: Wood putty can be used for sealing up the holes to prevent these bees’ reinfestation. Nevertheless, proper caution should be required while using these carpenter bee solutions as one can injure himself while sealing the holes.
  • Carpenter Bee Trap: A carpenter bee trap 2×4 is the pre-drilled wooden block that has been attached to the glass jar or even plastic bottle. The best carpenter bee trap design copies the exact nest design of the bees so that the carpenter bees start making their nest using these traps. It’s a natural solution for this.

Among the natural solutions, carpenter bee trap bait works the best as it doesn’t kill these insects but still destroys the infestation effectively.


BeesNThings offer professional solutions to destroy the infestation naturally. We have the best carpenter bee trap design that looks similar to the natural bee nest so that bees are attracted to them and fall for the traps.

If you’re searching for professional solutions regarding carpenter bee trap bait, you can contact us and gather more information. We can help you remove your carpenter bee infestation effectively.