Homeowners’ primary responsibility is to maintain the foundation of their house and prevent it from any unseen structural damages. Amidst the myriad range of challenges that homeowners face, the most common is the bee infestation. The carpenter bees are infamous for causing structural damages to a house.

Carpenter bee infestation signs could be a series of holes bored into a wooden surface, buzzing sound in the walls, increasing the number of insect presence in the house, or noticing piles of sawdust. Still and all, the damage of carpenter bee infestation occurs slowly. It’s too subtle for people to notice unless the damage becomes significant.

Keep on reading to know more about carpenter bee infestation, the practical approaches for carpenter bee damage repair, and other necessary important information.


The signs of a carpenter bee infestation are noticeable with slight vigilance. The most obvious carpenter bee infestation sign is the increased presence of carpenter bees congregating in one place especially, near the roofline, around wooden structures, crawl space, attics, or under the porch. Therefore, identifying the correct bee type is crucial.

wood damage carpenter beesSecondly, there will be a constant buzzing sound coming from within the walls. This happens as the bees start drilling through the wooden surfaces in the house. Sometimes, a pile of sawdust can be noticed as a sign of carpenter bee infestation.

Finally, the carpenter bee caused a yellow-brown stain on the wooden surfaces. This is a hard stain that requires an advanced method to remove. A regular power washing won’t suffice in this stain removal process. However, there are ways to fix this carpenter bee damage if drastic measures are taken early.

How Do I Fix Carpenter Bee Damages?

Carpenter bees can cause severe structural damage around the house including the railings, wooden stairs, and porches. Still, people feel hesitant to take action against bees considering their pivotal role in pollination. Fortunately, there are realistic and harmless ways to fix carpenter bee damage including the carpenter bee traps.

The number of ways a carpenter bee damages can be fixed includes:

  • Check and locate the high, low spots around the house including the roofline, attic, or other wooden structures.
  • Destroy the bees and larva left inside their nest.
  • Use a sized dowel and also apply the caulk.
  • Keep the location smooth by using wood putty.
  • Set up carpenter bee traps to prevent the bees from nesting.

Fixing the damages should be done at the earliest convenience. Else, the carpenter bee damage pictures may look quite destructive. It can become a challenging and unending task for homeowners.


Since there is an increased awareness being spread worldwide spotting the decline in bees population, it’s crucial not to kill the carpenter bees. These are carpenter bees endangered species and the loss of pollinators would bring catastrophic damages to the human population. Therefore, there is no need to kill the carpenter bees.

carpenter bee destruction


Under normal conditions, the carpenter bees aren’t destructive since they don’t consume the woods. Although, their tunneling in the wood can be destructive especially if the carpenter bee repellent process has been overlooked for a long time.


Keeping our homes safe is one of our significant responsibilities. Carpenter bees are one of the difficult challenges to get rid of. If the problems with the carpenter bee have been repetitive, it’s crucial to seek professionals for the carpenter bee repellent process. Further delays only maximize the damage and lead to expensive repairs.

Here at Beesnthings offer professional carpenter bee removal services and sets up carpenter bee traps to prevent them from nesting. Contact us now to get more information and prevent carpenter bee damages in your house.