What Type of Wood Do Carpenter Bees Prefer?

Although carpenter bees aren’t considered dangerous because they don’t sting, they are highly notorious for damaging wooden furniture and structures. During the springtime, the female carpenter bees start searching for wooden structures where they can build a nest to lay eggs. Once these eggs are hatched, typically they fly away.

During this short period as they start to drill the wood, furniture or any wooden structure loses its support and ends up being damaged after a certain amount of time. They prefer softwood for chewing including pine, fir, cedar, eucalyptus, etc. Eventually, you can notice them nestling in wooden window frames and other structures as well.

The reason why carpenter bee traps are made is to catch these insects efficiently and save your wooden items from being damaged. There are a variety of bee traps you can find online but the wood bee traps that work the best are always designed strategically. Let’s continue to read to discover some more about this.

What Attracts Carpenter Bees?

If you want to know what attracts carpenter bees, then it’s important to note that they are particularly selective in terms of choosing the wooden structures where they can build their nest. The woods that attract them the most are usually soft and easy to drill like pine, cedar, cypress, etc. 

Carpenter bees also prefer untreated surfaces with soft wood siding. If the wood is harder and denser, it becomes more strenuous for the bees to drill. Therefore, they usually avoid hardwoods. Before opting for wood bee traps to remove a bee infestation, you should take precautions to avoid the infestation from occurring. 

Sometimes, the infestation reoccurs due to the fact that you have untreated wooden structures at your house. Since the damages could be severe and expensive to repair, only necessary precautions can save you from endless financial losses. The best thing you can do is inspect your soft wooden items and look for recent activity.

How Severe Are the Damages Caused by Carpenter Bees?

Depending on the type of damage and the wooden items can determine the severity of the replacement costs. For example, if it is a wooden piece of outdoor lawn furniture, the damaged pieces can be replaced by a skilled carpenter or bought new again. However, if it’s a wooden support beam or framing member, it can be expensive.

It’s important to thoroughly inspect the damage caused by a carpenter bee infestation. If you’re an inexperienced homeowner and are unsure, it’s always best to contact a local carpenter or pest control service to determine the exact cause of the damages. Depending on the length of time the bees were drilling can reveal the destruction.

Since carpenter bees drill long tunnels and side chambers for laying their eggs, the tunnels can run several feet and cause weak and inadequate support for your wooden support timbers such as floor stringers, roof trusses, and studded exterior walls. This is why a carpenter bee infestation is no joke and should be addressed in a timely fashion.

What Are Wood Bee Traps?

Wood bee traps or also known as carpenter bee traps for sale are strategically designed wooden blocks with a plastic bottle or glass jar attachment where the bees eventually get trapped. Although there are a variety of materials used for making these bee traps, wood is deemed the best material for building an effective trap. 

Bee traps mimic the design of a standard nest and are made of soft wood material. As a result, carpenter bees enter the place thinking it would be ideal for them to nest. However, once they enter, they realize the place is a trap and try to exit. Typically, they exit through the light source and fly toward the bottom of the funnel.

Unfortunately, they fail to exit and get trapped inside the plastic bottle or glass jar that’s attached at the bottom of the funnel. You can later remove them to a safe place to safely release them. If the infestation is occurring multiple times, it’s a good time to check your furniture and look for untreated wood that is attracting them. 

Where to Get the Best Wood Bee Traps Online?

If you’re looking for carpenter bee online traps that actually work, BeesNThings provides the best ones for sale. We make high-quality wooden bee traps for our customers to help them eliminate the infestation. Our team truly understands what attracts carpenter bees and our traps are made considering this concept. 

So, if you’re a homeowner suffering from a carpenter bee infestation, it’s time to take action before they damage your property. The damages caused by carpenter bee infestation can be irreparable and extremely costly. Therefore, contact us today to get the best carpenter bee online traps at the best price and shipped to your door.