How Many Carpenter Bee Traps Do I Need?

Carpenter bees are notorious for drilling deep holes in wooden objects and homes, causing extensive damage that can literally destroy your wooden structures. If you don’t take the necessary steps to catch and relocate carpenter bees now, you may be left with lots of damaged wood that requires a massive amount of repair work.

Since these bees are naturally attracted to the smell of wood, they target any wooden structure and start drilling a hole in it. As a result, the structure weakens over a period of time and eventually breaks down. Therefore, carpenter bees can cause extensive damage to your furniture, basement, and any other wooden framing members. 

To learn more about the best online carpenter bee traps for sale and shipped directly to your door with the number of bee traps you need, keep reading about BeesNThings.

How Carpenter Bee Traps Work?

For the uninitiated, carpenter bee traps are devices featuring carpenter bee holes that attract bees to lay eggs. Once the bees get inside the trap, they get stuck in a jar or other object attached to the trap. Professional carpenter bee traps are highly effective as they replicate a natural bee nest, eliminating the most common bee infestations.

Here are how carpenter bee traps work and the benefits of using them to safely solve your problems with carpenter bees:

  • They have a pre-drilled wood piece attached to glass jars and plastic bottles which are perfect for trapping bees. 
  • Each trap uses a bait placed inside to attract other bees because in most cases when one carpenter bee enters a hole, typically others will follow. 
  • Once carpenter bees enter the trap, they eventually get stuck inside and cannot go back out the way they entered the trap. 
  • BeesNThings traps do a perfect job of catching the bees, making it easier to release them to a faraway location without causing any harm to the bees or yourself. 
  • Once you think the bees are gone by using our traps, it’s generally a good idea to block the drilled holes by using silicone or caulking to deter them from coming back as the chemical fumes from the agents to the bees are unfriendly. 

This is where our premium quality carpenter bee traps can help to prevent potential damage by catching these bees and releasing them in a safe place. These traps are designed specially to attract and trap carpenter bees. You can install them at specific places or call a professional who knows how to utilize these traps for carpenter bees.

The Measurement of a Bee Trap

Now that you understand how these traps work, you can start looking for one for yourself here at BeesNThings. However, it’s important to know the measurement of these bee traps. Therefore, if you have a big wooden home or several wooden structures, we suggest installing traps for carpenter bees every 15 feet. 

Since standard trap holes cover a working radius of 15 feet, you should get enough bee traps to cover your entire property or at least cover the main sections of your house. If you’re still wondering how carpenter bee traps work before getting a handcrafted bee trap, you can contact any professional to get your questions answered. 

How to Buy Carpenter Bee Traps Online?

If you have plenty of carpenter bees flying around your property, you should focus on getting a well-built carpenter bee trap. At BeesNThings, we sell the highest quality carpenter bee traps that are handcrafted to perfection. If you don’t have the time to release them to a distant location, you can contact experts to catch bees for you.

Utilizing our carpenter bee traps can give you visible and effective results. All our bee traps are highly durable, efficient, and cost-effective. You can pick the standard size available from our website or contact our team who knows how to catch bees. 

For more information about how carpenter bee traps work and choosing the right one for you as well as the number of traps you may need, click here to talk to one of our friendly representatives at BeesNThings where catching bees is our business.