• Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

    The world has thousands of insects but few are as intriguing as carpenter bees. These fascinating insects look like bumblebees and are known for their woodworking prowess. While carpenter bees are crucial parts of our ecosystems, their nesting habits can create havoc for property owners and cause lots of destruction.

  • How Many Carpenter Bee Traps Do I Need?

    Carpenter bees are notorious for drilling deep holes in wooden objects and homes, causing extensive damage that can literally destroy your wooden structures. If you don’t take the necessary steps to catch and relocate carpenter bees now, you may be left with lots of damaged wood that requires a massive amount of repair work.

  • What Brings Carpenter Bees to Your Yard?

    A lot of times homeowners fail to notice the presence of carpenter bees in their yards unless the damage becomes massive. These bees are extremely skilled at flying without getting noticed. In fact, they have some natural camouflage. Due to this fact, people often think of them as bumble bees that cause no damage at all.