• Keep Carpenter Bees From Your Log Home

    Log homes are the epitome of rustic charm; however, their aesthetic appeal can fade faster than usual because of carpenter bees. These seemingly harmless insects can damage your log home’s foundational structure and disrupt its visual appeal. Therefore, if you own a beautiful log home, you must explore how carpenter bee traps work. 

  • How to Keep Bees Away From Your Pool

    Carpenter bees usually don’t sting but they tend boring woods to build their nests. As a result, you can see a lot of damage to your wooden furniture, especially if they are made of softwood. However, if you have a long backyard and a swimming pool, it creates an inviting ambiance for these bees. 
  • What Type of Wood Do Carpenter Bees Prefer?

    Although carpenter bees aren’t considered dangerous because they don’t sting, they are highly notorious for damaging wooden furniture and structures. During the springtime, the female carpenter bees start searching for wooden structures where they can build a nest to lay eggs. Once these eggs are hatched, typically they fly away.